Testing Tools In The Web

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When discussing software testing, it often comes to the question which tools one can use. This article shows what I would use.

Introduction – Testing Tools

Some people want have the tools at their hands. This is mainly noted as on premises today. Other people are going to use tools in the web only, guessing that only there is the ultimate truth. Most of them just want to know where to find Testing Tools In The Web.

## Test Management

In this context, test management is the process of – the adminstration of the test process,

  • analysing the system under test,
  • identify partner systems and test boundaries,
  • creating test cases,
  • preparing test data,
  • defining start and exit criteria of the test process

Which Testing Tools? Test Automation or Test Execution

If you have test cases, someone has to execute them, and to document the process and the results. If you are going to repeat the execution phase, it is a good advice to automate the execution. ## Defect Tracking

Sometimes you cannot find defects. A common tester\’s joke is that you didn\’t test if you haven\’t found any bugs or just that your test cases are wrong. Sometimes, however, you will found bugs and as Joel said, bug tracking is a must, if you cannot remember more than three things. So it is a good thing to have a defect tracking system. ## Test Data Preparation

Test data are crucial even if you follow a legacy approach to software testing, data variations will assure that you can pass all – or almost all – paths in the algorithm. ## Tools collection

Before unhiding the secret of collections for Testing Tools In The Web, please keep in mind. > A fool with a tool is still a fool. — unknown source

  1. This collection of tools created seems to be a good starting point. https://www.guru99.com/top-20-web-testing-tools.html
  2. There is another good collection in German https://www.testing-board.com/testautomatisierung-tools/
  3. And here is a third list https://medium.com/@briananderson2209/best-automation-testing-tools-for-2018-top-10-reviews-8a4a19f664d2

Testing Tools In The Web – Links


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